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We're an R&D Lab to help product teams quickly prototype
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Product teams have more great ideas than they can explore.

We believe great products are created by curious companies. The more ideas a company can explore and test, the more great products they build.

That said, testing ideas isn’t always easy. In-house engineers have to be taken away from projects and testing an idea takes focus away from main priorities.

Exploring new ideas should be quick and easy and help make product decisions faster

Discovering the need and value of the idea before building anything
Quickly testing the idea by building a rapid prototype, saving on heavy upfront costs
Helping you decide whether to invest more time and resources
We Help With

Should we invest more resources into this?

build great
products with confidence

We help you find the answer. We do rapid prototyping in order to get insights on new ideas in a matter of weeks.

This way you can explore more ideas with less and decide which ones to actually start building.

You’ll have a working prototype in front of customers' hands without building heavy product infrastructure.
Most importantly, you’ll have an additional perspektive in deciding what to build.

If you decide to go forward, you can continue building right on top of our prototype with half the work done.

“The end result exceeded our expectations and put us in a very good place for the next steps of development”
— Kaisa Kosonen, Head of Digital Development, Business Finland

Our goal is to help you build great products with confidence.

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Visit Finland Travel DataHub

A centralized platform for travel companies and destination marketing organizations.

Rapid prototyping focused on user and stakeholder interviews to collect requirements for an MVP that was built using React and Firebase.

In one month, the first prototype was released to both travel companies and DMOs for live user testing.


A smart meeting platform for teams.

Most online meetings are unproductive and inefficient, causing fatigue and stress. With 100 million meetings per day, most of us run from meeting to meeting.

Skechy helps you and your team deliver high-quality meetings built around clear objectives, smooth agendas and actionable takeaways.

MemoBot — Smart Office Device Concept

Generate memos for meetings, interviews or any conversation using a smart, privacy-first voice recorder.

No more scribbling down notes in a meeting.

Kalliola Clinic Chatbot Prototype

The purpose of the project was to test out a hypothesis whether a shorter and less cumbersome onboarding process makes it easier to seek treatment for people suffering from substance abuse.

It was also an experiment to see if it helped in reducing the amount of dropouts in the beginning of the treatment and how technology could benefit potential patients by providing information in an easy and approachable way.

Pitstop One Platform Prototype

The goal of the project was to validate the feasibility of developing a platform to provide a cloud-based access control system for hotels using connected smart locks and a mobile application for end-users, as a solution that integrates various third-party systems.

what people say
I have had the pleasure to participate and follow a few projects by them. Not only do they architect and deliver quality software, but they also make accurate estimates on the work required and conduct state-of-the-art lean development.
Olavi Toivainen
Managing Director, Specsign Production Ltd
These guys ensure their customers are extremely satisfied… and they succeed. Their work is of the highest quality, their advice has been immensely helpful, and their customer centricity is second to none. When it comes to turnaround times, I have always been impressed and my expectations are way higher than average.
Rob Curtis
CEO, Curtis Consulting
We are very happy with the very high level of professionalism. In addition to this, the communication with them is effortless and inspiring.
Finding a reliable and efficient software development partner is extremely difficult. We have been very fortunate.
My strongest recommendations.
Christian Alopaeus
CEO, Ilona IT Oy
Great software developers who get things done.
As an experienced software developer and entrepreneur I know how hard it is to find capable engineers who know exactly what to do and focus on getting things done. These guys are able to contribute much more than just code - from scalable architecture to hard-core R&D. Was a great pleasure to work with them on several projects!
Mikko Lehmuskoski
CEO at Pähkinänsärkijä
ex Innovation & Ventures at Sanoma Digital Finland
A rare entrepreneurial attitude combined with tech and prototyping. Definitely recommendable!” 😎✌🏿
Riku Aakala, Entrepreneur
CEO Senentry Oy
Very knowledgeable and experienced team, our communication was really good.
The agreed promises were kept and the guidance and reporting on the work was clear.
Antti-Jussi Mäki
CEO, Rescomms Oy
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Amazing execution

Hard-core R&D

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